About Us

Activewear For All!

That’s our motto. We believe that every person deserves to feel confident and give their best possible physical performance while spending less. At KD Endurance, we aim to help you fulfill your dreams. We believe that one of the best ways to live a happy life is to live a healthy life. At KD Endurance, we walk with you on your fitness journey. We believe that every person has an athletic beast within them. At KD Endurance, we ensure that your activewear combines style with supreme performance.

OUR MISSION is, let’s say it, to have one happy community of people who are united by their passion for fitness.

OUR VISION is, to be every athlete’s preferred choice for stylish, high-performing sportswear and to create enthusiastic endurance lovers.

OUR VALUE is, honesty is the best policy!

Founders' Message

Imagine a little girl who always wanted to run but never did. Or the girl who wanted to race but couldn’t. Imagine a little boy who always wanted to hold a winning trophy but never had the chance. Or the boy who was the underdog but pursued his dreams regardless. We were once these boys and girls. Today, we are the endurance athletes who learned how to walk, how to run, and how to endure. We are real amateurs committed to fulfilling our dreams by living our healthiest and happiest lives. We are a positive, global community that embraces motivation and inspiration through endurance sports. Join our newsletter, send us your inspirational stories, or try our coaching plans. Check out our small yet growing shop. Our goal is to create activewear for all and to give back to the communities and organizations in need through our activities. 

We dream.
We create.
We share.
We give.
We always endure together!